Does Your Station "Make Sense?"

When I worked at a country radio station back in the 1980's, I was always told how dedicated country listeners are. They are committed to their music, listen longer than listeners of other formats and don't like it if a song doesn't sound "Country." Today things are a bit different. Country music listeners are still dedicated but the music has changed a bit. Country sounds more like country rock rather than traditional country. There are now several groups of country listeners. Mainstream country listeners, listen to the contemporary country of today. They account for the majority of country listeners. However there are "specialty listeners who prefer traditional country or country music of the 70s and 80s. They are still as dedicated to the country music format. If your station is country and you can have a specialty traditional country show that airs at certain times but the overall format is country then that station makes sense. If the station had a specialty traditional country show and a hodgepodge of other music from various genres, this could be questionable, unless you are extremely local and have really engaged a local following, don't plan on gaining listeners.

Radio music formats should not confuse their audience. I've said this before you MUST tell your audience what you're doing. If a station plays 70's music in the morning and country in the evening what do they do to fill the other hours? You can promote the 70s and country show but if your listeners have no clue of what you're doing in between, don't count on increasing your listeners. Here's my theory. When you start a radio station whether it be LPFM or Internet, you must come up with the main concept at the beginning then you can add in the specialty shows. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? What is your main focus?? Years ago I worked for a big band radio station. The main format was pop vocals. They had a Sinatra show, a jazz show, and a show featuring only big bands but it all tied in to the main format which was pop vocals so it all made sense.

Make sure your station makes sense!!