Work At Home DJ's

The days of going to a radio station and doing a radio show are really changing. With the digitization of the industry, your morning guy may be in Atlanta while your afternoon DJ my be in Los Angeles. Fifteen years ago, I would never be able to conceive of this concept. Edgewater Gold Radio is run from my home studio. Here's an example of how remote broadcasting works.

I use Nextkast as my radio automation program. It runs all of my radio programs. The database is on the system and so is a voicetracking module. Whether you are doing a music show or talk show, it still can be done from remote locations. Remote DJ's and radio personalities can be connected using Nextkast ( or other automation software) and voicetrack shows for the main station and when the show airs, listeners will never know that they are not in an actual radio studio. Remote programs can also be done for live broadcasts.I won't go into the technical aspect in this blog because it can be a bit complicated.

Technology has changed the way we think of radio broadcasting.