Very Special Radio Personalities

Today, I bet you that you cannot name one single radio personality on a music station that you must listen to everyday. Sure there are many hate spewing crazies out there that I'm sure you could name if you're into "hate radio."

Growing up in the 60s and 70s, the air personalities playing my favorite songs were extremely special individuals. Why? Because they had the ability to entertain without being sarcastic, demeaning, shocking etc. They pulled their audience in by their warmth, and the ability to relate to simple everyday life. They were companions who followed us everywhere by playing great music, making us laugh and providing us with interesting information. Their timing was impeccable, their voices made it sound like they were in your living room or car. Today these special people don't exist anymore in my opinion.

So today, I pay tribute to those radio greats who sparked my interest in this every changing industry and who keep me going day after day, preserving those memories by running Edgewater Gold Radio!