Tunein Not Accepting Anymore Radio Submissions

As radio internet radio broadcasters, we rely on getting our stations listed in as many directories as possible in order to get the word out. Tunein and Itunes are one of the biggest internet radio directories. If you're a new station, you cannot submit your station to Tunein or Itunes until further notice. The reason is very unclear at this point. It you've been on the air awhile and are listen on Tunein or itunes, your station will remain in their directory. You can still make changes to your station on Tunein but cannot make any further changes on iTunes.

If you are an existing Tunein broadcast and have a station listed there (your station starts with an ‘s’ followed by some numbers), then you can update your details here using this form https://help.tunein.com/how-do-i-update-my-station-or-program-H1VNlcAcuDf

This is frustrating to the broadcaster. Fortunately Edgewater Gold Radio is listed in both directories because we've been streaming for 16 years.

I would suggest that new internet broadcasters get listed in as many directories as possible and promote their station using social media and local methods. Lets hope that this freeze on station entry on Tunein and Itunes will be lifted at some point.