Should You Include Local Information on Your Station?

We've discussed this several times over the past few months. This is very dependent on the format you're programming and the audience your'e programming to. Several days ago, I "popped" on our local LPFM station here in Rehoboth Beach. They are now starting to include some local programming in their format. There was the parking or transit commissioner on (I believe that was her title) talking about parking problems and plans for the future in downtown Rehoboth Beach. I kept my radio tuned in. Why? because I am an active member of our community and interested in topics that affect me directly. This interested me as it would other members of our community. I was impressed by the interview and was happy that our local community station was including some local programming in their format. Their main focus should be the local community.

Edgewater Gold Radio is an internet only stations. Many listeners are from other areas although our local presence in increasing. We program an oldies format and include local programming such as weather, ferry schedules, local events etc. but the main difference is that we have to retain our listeners from all over the world. When listeners search for a station, they will search for a particular kind of music or format. We are listed as an oldies station. So the audience is looking to hear music not talk. We have to be very careful to keep our music flowing by not obstructing it with talk shows even if they are short. Several months ago, I added a two minute show on historic events. It ran several times a day. When the program aired I watched our listeners drop off. Needless to say, I cancelled the program. Our weather, community events etc are kept short and are included in between the music or in our stop- sets. It's a difficult balance to achieve but it can work. If you do it, be careful and create the proper balance.