Turning Back The Hands Of Time

It's that time of year again. Clocks go back one hour this weekend. I remind my listeners to set their clocks back and change the batteries in their smoke detectors while they're at it.

When I worked in terrestrial radio, we just worked an extra hour if we were scheduled for the overnight shift. We also made sure that we set all of the clocks in the studio back an hour.

Today with radio automation sometimes, we don't have to do anything. They system re-sets itself and adds an extra hour of programming to the schedule. At Edgewater Gold Radio I use Nextkast radio automation software. I usually run the station in "playlist" mode meaning that each hour is generated in advance. This mode is needed for voicetracking. Since there is no voicetracking in the overnight hours, I will delete the playlist hours from 1am to 6am on Sunday morning. The system will switch to rotation mode and will pick up in playlist mode at 6am.

Remember to do what you need to do (if anything) in order to accommodate the extra hour of programming.