Vote Vote Vote!

This is one of the most important mid term elections in a very long time. Anger, frustration and distrust has affected millions of Americans and there is a great fear that things will get worse. I'm usually not political in my blogs but I feel that we are the only ones that can heal this greatly divided country.

If you usually don't vote in the mid term elections, take the time and get out and vote this time. Your vote will make a big difference. I'm encouraging all of our Edgewater Gold Radio domestic listeners to make the effort and get out and vote!

Believe it or not, the way we feel really affects our health. Hearing and seeing the events over the past two years raises my blood pressure and greatly raises by sugar levels. I know this because I am a diabetic with hypertension so I continually check my readings. After watching or reading horrendous and out of the ordinary events unfold I will check my readings. Consistently my blood pressure and sugar levels rise. They will fall when I'm not exposed to comments on facebook, news events and other crazy ideas and theories!

Make a change and keep yourself healthy so VOTE! You'll feel better after you do.