Make Sure You Back Up Your Internet Radio Automation System

Your radio station is on the air, humming and everything seems to be rolling along nicely. You've worked hard to achieve quality programming. Suddenly something goes wrong with your hard drive, your system crashes and in an instant, the months and years of your hard work is erased in a flash! Hopefully you won't ever experience this situation because you routinely back up your system.

I can't stress the importance of regular backups. I back up my station on a weekly basis. Choose a day and make that your system backup day. I back my system up on Sundays.

About a year ago, there was a problem with my hard drive. The system shut down and would not boot up. To make a long story short, I had to re-install my operating system. The problem took hours to discover and the installation was no easy task either. I used a flash drive to re-install the operating system and for some reason my system would not accept this drive. Luckily I found a technician who was able to resolve the problem. After about eight hours my system was back up and running. Auto DJ took over during this time which is run from a cloud. In order to get my live programming back up and running, I had to restore the automation system. Luckily I had the system backed up on a separate drive. The software I use is NextKast and using this software made the restore process easy. I re-installed Nextkast, did a system restore and within minutes my system was back up and running.

Backing your system up makes all the difference.