Technology is Not Foolproof

Yesterday, I had a minor panic attack. Edgewater Gold Radio's main automation program runs from a Dell Computer. It's a very good computer with excellent virus protection and lots of disk space. Sometimes, Windows 10 will send a message saying that they have an update. I choose to install the update, later in the evening because the system has to shut down. The radio automation continues from the Auto DJ in the cloud during this time. This happens maybe once a month if that much.

Yesterday, I received no message of an update. I woke up and the system appeared to be shut down. I had to rush to get to work so I had very little time to troubleshoot at to what caused this problem. I restarted the computer and to my horror, it would not boot up. I took the battery out and did all sorts of things to get it started. I started to panic because I know that this could be a major problem. I had to start getting ready to work so I said a little prayer and attempted to restart again. It took awhile but the system restarted normally and with the click of the mouse. Edgewater Gold Radio was back in live mode and humming along! Thank goodness! The great thing about this is that I didn't lose a single listener. When the live system goes down the Auto DJ from the cloud immediately kicks in. Auto DJ is basic but it is a good temporary fix.

So when your computer doesn't reboot, say a prayer!