How Much Time Per Day To You Work on Your Internet Radio Station?

There will be many answers to this question. Running an internet radio station can be both a gratifying and costly experience especially if you have a significant number of listeners. We won't go into the costs right now because I want to concentrate on the amount of time, you spend each day on your station.

Most of the time, internet owners, use some kind of radio automation to run their station. Some stations have multiple remote DJ's who provide a few hours of voice tracking per day. Some stations are mostly music and really don't require a that much programming time. I feel that the more you put into your station, the more time you will spend on programming each day.

Edgewater Gold Radio plays oldies. My goal is to provide variety to my listeners are well as local community information. I run the station similar to the way radio stations were run in the 60s and 70s. I don't only want listeners to experience the oldies music from that period but I also strive to bring back the overall sound of stations from these decades. This includes, music, jingles, promos etc. Some oldies stations do a great job but play the music and use "today's imaging." That's fine but I like the"old" radio sound as well.

I currently don't have any remote DJ's. I voicetrack about 9 hours per day and 5 hours on the weekend. This along with promotion, and other tasks takes about 4 hours per day. One of my goals is to have multiple DJ's voice track several shifts per day. This will greatly reduce the amount of time I'm currently spending on the station each day.