The Double Edged Sword of Internet Radio's Reach

Terrestrial radio targets specific areas which can create a fairly easy revenue stream. You concentrate on the area that you cover. Promote events, provide traffic and weather, air local programs and sell advertising targeting local merchants. It's a totally different situation when it comes to internet radio. Internet radio is world wide. The map above shows all the areas of listeners to Edgewater Gold Radio. The darker the color red, the more listeners. As you can see we have listeners in nearly every country in the world.

Creating a revenue stream is difficult with internet radio. We air network commercials and share a small part of the revenue. Being a local station can be very difficult because we don't want to turn off our world wide listeners. For instance if we stop the music to air a local talk show, our listeners outside Delmarva will drop off dramatically. Our format is oldies and that's what our listeners want to hear.

We do strive to be local by providing community information but the key is not to interrupt the music flow. It's a very delicate balance!