Internet Broadcasting - Facing Competition

Internet broadcasters are faced with fierce competition from thousands of other stations streaming all the time. You're broadcasting to the world so how can your station stand out and attract listeners?

Unlike terrestrial radio stations that are corporate owned, Internet broadcasters have an "open slate" to be creative and provide programming not found on commercial terrestrial radio stations. We also have the advantage of seeing statistics on a daily basis showing who's listening, where they're listening, the device they're listening on and if the trend goes up or down.

If you're a new internet broadcaster, one of the first things that you should do is try to get your station listed in as many directories as possible. Make sure that you're streaming a quality sound. Zero in on the type of programming that you're offering using social media, imaging liners, jingles, flyers or anything that describes your station.

Try not to make your station a jukebox. Just playing continuous music and offering nothing else will probably not attract many listeners. Brand your station and make it a place that listeners will want to seek out.

Make sure you have a website that gives listeners the ability to listen to your station. It can be simple and you can always continually add to it.

Be patient and be consistent ,you will see steady growth in time.