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When Does Your Station Start Playing Christmas Music?

Hearing Christmas music on the radio was always a thrill for me as a kid. It confirmed that the holiday season is well underway. Working in radio, I always enjoyed it when Christmas music was added to the playlist. I love the holiday season and Christmas music always brings back great memories for me.

Traditional we usually wouldn't hear any holiday music before Thanksgiving. Radio stations would start to add the music to their playlists a little at a time from Thanksgiving day on. The amount of Christmas music increases each week as we got closer to the holiday.

Today, some stations switch to all Christmas programming in late October or early November. The of course.

While some stations don't play Christmas music at all, we at Edgewater Gold Radio begins to add Christmas music on Thanksgiving day and increase it each week until we're playing between 6 to 8 Christmas songs per hour the week before Christmas.

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