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A Recommendation For Radio Station Automation - NextKast Does it all!!

When I first started Edgewater Gold Radio back in 2002, I used the Auto DJ feature in Live 365 to run the station. There were limitations, no voice tracking ability and really very little if any cross fading or processing. I used this system for many years.It's a great backup system but I wasn't satisfied using it for 24/7 broadcasts. I switched to OTS automation in 2004 but was still was not satisfied. I need a system that has great dynamic features and is easy to use. I needed to reduce my workload and had to find a reliable system to run my station.

Last year, I was introduced to Nextkast Automation software. I couldn't be happier. They system is easy to use, very powerful and has great support. The developer is always working to upgrade and add new features. Nextkast gives remote DJ's easy access to record their shows!

I believe that over the past 17 years that Edgewater Gold Radio has been streaming, it has never sounded so good. I'm not bragging, just stating facts.

Indicated below are some user comments on NextKast.

Thinking of new automation software, it's NextKast hands down!

Nextkast all the way.. Hot Hitz 80's - Robert L Amos I have worked with other software when I was at iHeart Radio and NextKast has some even nicer features - Edward Tooma I had been using another automation and your program out performs and is definetly worth the money - Randy Skaggs Our DJs are Voice Tracking from around the US using Nextkast and Love it! - Joe Agostino "Thought you might like to see my "home" studio (pic attached)where I produce my program Look For A Star for 8 radio stations here in Canada using exclusively NextKast....Thank you for everything you do Winston..//Gordon Heffler" My show on Channel 95 sounds like the show I did on AM radio in the 60's and 70's. Except - NextKast does all the work. Really sweet automation - Craig Stevens.

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