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Going Back To My College Radio Station For Alumni Celebration

Forty six years ago I walked into the college radio station at William Paterson University hoping to get a show. I had no radio experience but was willing to learn and do anything I could to make my debut on the air. I swept floors, emptied kitty litter, took out the garbage etc. Luckily I was given a show. It was on Friday mornings from 8 - 11am. At the time the station was a carrier current station with transmitters in the dorms and hookups to the student center and snack bar. Thats it but it was a big deal for me. WPSC 590 am could be heard in and around the college dorms on 590 am. The signal always had a "hum" in it but it didn't seem to bother anyone.It had regular listeners in the snack bar and student center.

During my time there, I met some wonderful people and we developed a close bond. We all had a great time and we also learned the mechanics of radio broadcasting and production. Since that time the station has gone through several major changes. Now it's heard on 88.7FM throughout north Jersey and on the internet.

Over the past 9 years or so, WPSC has Alumni takeover days where alumni of the station would go back and do shows again. It's a great tradition that gives us all the opportunity to re-connect.

Next week the station is having a big Alumni celebration. The week long event will highlight the different phases that the station has gone through over the years from the time that it was a carrier current am station, through the point where they are today. A top rated FM college station that has received numerous awards!

I'm looking forward to doing my show on Monday, December 3rd from 12pm - 2pm. and reconnecting with my radio family of over 40 years! I will be highlighting the music that I played during the late 60s and 70s plus remembering some great times back in the day.

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