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Amazon Echo Devices Should be Able to Accept More Radio Directories

This is just an opinion piece today. I own an Amazon Echo and currently these are the only music directories or services that the Echo accepts:

* Amazon Music

* Spotify

*iHeart Radio

* Tunein

Edgewater Gold Radio is heard on Tunein so you can access it with your Amazon Echo device but there are many internet and FM stations that are not heard on one of these services. This means that you cannot access them on one of these devices. Given the popularity of these devices, music and radio access should really be expanded. Users should be able to access their favorite music or station in many different directories including Live 365, Nobex, Itunes etc. Users should also have to ability to enter a URL in the settings to access their favorite station.

This could be happening in the future or there may be new devices developed that can accept these access points. If you own one of thee devices and know of a way to access music and radio stations other than what's listed in the settings please e-mail me at "

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