All Music or Music with Talk?

Do audiences prefer only music on the radio or music with some talk and features between songs?

This is my opinion on this subject. Streaming music comes in many different forms. Some services like Pandora allow the listener to select a playlist such as Holiday music listen to continuous music without talk in between except the commercials that air periodically.

You may get mixed opinions on this subject but here's mine. For me the radio that I know and love doesn't only consist of music but a combination of DJ talk, comedy, information, weather, public affairs, news etc. It also is made up of imaging that identifies what the station does.

While growing up there were many times that I wanted to hear traditional radio which consisted of music, talk and news.There were also some times that I only wanted to hear music. I would play records, CD's, tapes to listen to the music that I liked and picked out myself.

Radio always gives me the element of surprise. You don't know what you're going to hear next whether it be music or talk. I also prefer to hear some news,weather and DJ banter along with my favorite music.

It seems like many internet radio stations stream continuous music with very little, if any talk. I usually don't listen to these stations. I will search for a station from a particular area to hear both the music and some kind of personality. I guess it's just a matter of personal taste.