Radio -- A Bonding Experience

Yesterday I drove up to William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ for a college radio alumni celebration. In 1972, I walked into WPSC Radio expected to get a weekly show and took my first step into this very uncertain business. I got much more that that weekly show, during the four years at the station, I formed some of my closest relationships and after 45 years that bond is still holding as strong as ever.

Almost 10 years ago after the untimely death of a fellow friend and station member, WPSC's General Manager, thought it would be a great idea to dedicate one day a year to the stations Alumni. At the memorial for our friend Mike McGuire, he saw how close our group was after 40 plus years. He was right. The death of our dear friend brought us all together again and after all of those years it was like one day had ever passed. The drastic changes in all of our lives never broke that strong bond between us!

This year Prof. Rob Quicke, the great station Manager decided to make it a week long celebration covering each era of WPSC RADIO back from where WPSC was a carrier current AM station covering some of the buildings on campus to when it was added as a channel to one of the cable services in the region till today where it is a top rated award winning college FM station.! We are so proud of this accomplishment and the Accomplishments of Rob and his staff.

Alumni Friends and colleagues are doing shows all week reflecting the era that they were at WPSC. Yesterday It was a blast once again to be on the air playing the music I played back in my days at WPSC and getting together with our wonderful family of friends and station staff . It's an experience that will stay in our hearts forever!