Opinion On the Size Of Playlists

How large is the rotation on your station? Of course I have an opinion on this subject. In general a younger audience pushes buttons or change channels more often than an older audience. I know because I did it as a kid. I always thought that there was a "better" song on another station. Short rotations work on current hit music stations because they cater to a much younger audience and their goal (besides making money) is to please advertisers and to promote the current hits. So it's not uncommon to have only 300 songs in their rotation.

Would this work on an oldies station or a station catering toward an older audience? Probably not. First of all there is more music to play. Think of all of the hit songs that came out during the 60s and 70s. Playing only 300 of them would not even skim the surface of the material available. So for sure, this wouldn't work in this format.

It has been proven that older audiences listen much longer than younger audiences. The average listener on Edgewater Gold Radio listens for at least 50 minutes. Stations catering to younger audiences are lucky if they could retain the average listener for 15 minutes. Oldies station should have at least 1,000 or more songs in rotation at all times. Edgewater Gold Radio tries to offer a large variety of oldies to our audience. Currently we have between 3000 and 4,000 songs playing in rotation. Some songs are "power hits" and play more often. Uptempo songs play 3 times as much as a medium or down tempo song. I've put parameters in place to ensure that all songs in the library get played. We have a separate, weekend and night time rotation as well as rotations for our disco and holiday shows.

Again this is the authors opinion. There may be varying thoughts on this subject.