Setting up a Great Internet Radio Station Backup

Edgewater Gold Radio runs on the Nextkast automation system. It has a separate module for management and voicetracking. I've been using the same computer to play on air and to voicetrack. This always made me a bit uncomfortable. There were times when voicetracking could affect the on air signal. It didn't happen often, but one time, I didn't notice the mike open on the voice track module and it send my voice tracks over the air!.....Not good! Another time the computer froze --sending the on air signal into an auto DJ mode again ....not good!

A colleague of mine that runs an oldies internet station out of Seattle told me about syncing my main computer up with an auxiliary computer to use as a backup and for management and voicetracking. Thanks to Joe Agnostino of PureGold Oldies for helping me set up this great system. It works by placing Nextkast on both computers then syncing them both together so that the both "talk to each other" all the time. This is exactly what we accomplsihed.

I use the program Megasync to sync both computers . I was able to use the free version because it's only being used for the radio station, not for the entire computer so the minimum amount to cloud storage is required.

Remote Nextkast folders are created and placed on both computers. Nextcast file folders are copied and pasted in the remote folders. Megasync is then set up to point to both remote folders and an adjustment in the Nextkast program is set to look at the remote folder. It works like a charm. If something happens to the main computer, the auxiliary computer is ready to take over without missing a beat! All voicetracking and database management can be done on the auxiliary computer.

Thanks Joe Agnostino for all of the support you gave me on this project!