Internet Radio Stream Problem..Where do you start?

One of the most frustrating situations`is when the internet stream on your station goes down or in my case keeps re-connecting. Where does the problem originate? This happened about 5:30 pm yesterday. At first I become perplexed. What's causing the problem? Is it my service provider Live 365? Is it my own system or is it Comcast/Xfinity cable? This can be a very frustrating situation.

I quickly eliminated the possibility that it was my computer or automation problem. All systems were running fine and the program was doing what it should. The next step was to see if there were any posts on the Live 365 Facebook page or website indicating any problems. Since in these days it's very difficult to get a live person on the phone, it can be a daunting experience to troubleshoot problems. I didn't see anytime indicating that Live 365 was experiencing an outage so then I focused on Comcast/Xfinity cable. I did a reboot to my modem and the problem was resolved. I also did some research which indicated that Comcast was experiencing some internet problems in my area during this time. (Nothing new, Comcast always experiences problems!)

I would suggest that if this situation happens to you, first check your systems, in most cases you will be able to eliminate right away. Then check your service provider and finally the company that's providing you the connection. Don't be like me and PANIC!!