Backups for Backups for Backups

I'm the kind of person who always needs a "plan B" or in some cases a "Plan C." When Edgewater Gold Radio went totally live from my home studio, I felt that I was vulnerable to an equipment failure which would take the station down for a long period of time.

It just didn't feel right that I had no backup! One of the reasons why I switched service providers to Live 365 is that their Auto DJ feature works well. As soon as the live signal is lost, Auto DJ will kick in. Even though that was an adequate backup, I still didn't feel that would be enough.

In the event that the main computer was down for a number of days, I still wanted live control of the station. I synced up another computer to be used for voicetracking and data base management.

I set up the encoder so that this computer can now go live in an instant without missing a beat. I tested it yesterday while doing a Windows Update for the main PC and it worked like a charm!