Another Real Oldies Stations Seems to Be Biting the Dust

I read some really discouraging news this morning. WLNG one of the only real oldies stations on Long Island, NY seems to be changing direction. This great station has been preserving the 60s and 70s oldies sound for as long as I can remember. I'm hearing from reliable sources that the jingles and great imaging is gone replaced with a very boring "LNG radio 92.1."

The problem with today's new, younger station management is that even if something isn't broken they want to fix it! WLNG was a beacon of light at the end of Long Island preserving great music with a sound that reflected the time period. They've always done well and have been a "staple" in the radio community.

I truly believe that in the future this trend will eventually backfire on FM radio. Too many boring "cookie cutter" formats are cropping up. I predict that digital broadcasting will catch up and eventually surpass FM listening. Keep your eyes open because it may happen sooner than you think!