Keep Track of Listing Directories

There are times when internet radio broadcasters choose or are forced to change service providers. This happened to me when the original Live 365 was forced to shut down due to extremely high royalty rates. This is not easy for us broadcasters because in addition to finding a new provider, we need to change our listening URL in all directories where our station is listed.

This is not an easy task if you don't have a record of all of the directories that your station is listed with. It's a time consuming daunting task.

I switched to Radionomy (a very poor choice on my part!) after Live 365 closed. It took about three weeks to get my station stream back on not to mention that the audience is all but gone! I had to build it up again by changing the URL's in each directory. Then when Live 365 came back I had to go through the same process again.

There is really no way out of it but if you record the directory's that list your station, it may make this tedious job a little quicker!