Why Do People Start Internet Radio Stations?

I read a very irritating post the other day on one of the Internet Radio Facebook pages. An uninformed individual posted that only people with big ego's start internet radio stations. Of course you know I went back at him hard!

While many people can get into internet radio, there are some that just want to stream music. It's my experience, most internet broadcasters were formally involved with radio and/or television in the past. These individuals like myself are passionate for the broadcasting industry. I think this very uninformed individual is mixing up the word "ego" with the word "passionate."

My station Edgewater Gold Radio has been on the internet for 17 years and during that time, I always featured the same elements as traditional am and fm radio stations. My goal is to provide music that I grew up with that isn't featured on terrestrial radio that much anymore and provide local, community information for the Delaware Beaches. We provide local news, events, weather, ferry schedules etc.

I did the same thing when Edgewater Gold Radio was located in Edgewater, New Jersey. The station is filled with imaging, jingles and special features. Yes- it is a tremendous amount of work but when you're passionate about something, you spend a lot of time working on it.

I find that most of my fellow internet broadcasters follow the same passion. It's true that some individuals will get into internet radio for the wrong reasons but when they find out the work involved and the cost for royalties (music stations), they will quickly bail!

So for the uninformed person who made that random, unsubstantiated comment, gets your facts straight before making ignorant comments!!