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Unstable Streams, Problems with Services plus Illness Plagued Edgewater Gold Radio this Weekend!

Most internet radio stations aren't run with many staff members. Most of the time, there are only one or two individuals running a station. I run Edgewater Gold Radio by myself. I do have resources who support me with production and other programming matters but basically it's only me.

This week I came down with the flu which knocked me out. I am still recovering but nowhere near feeling myself yet. I cancelled all activities for the next five days at least. That included producing voicetracked shows for the station. Luckily my automation system does a great job taking over and I have so many elements that are part of the programming , the audience doesn't notice much of a difference. There are limited voicetracked shows for Monday and Tuesday and I will gradually get up to speed as I recover.

To complicate matters, Live 365, my service provider had major server problems yesterday making it very difficult for listeners to connect. (Luckily I was too sick to monitor the station and when I found out, everything was repaired) The result listeners who didn't return. This is very frustrating! You very rarely experience this with a terrestrial station. The transmitter transmits and that's it. There are problems but internet broadcasting seems to experience connection issues much more frequently. You would think by now, this would be a streamlined process and there would be a way to avoid these kinds of frustrating issues! Retaining an audience is of utmost importance and with unstable servers and internet connections, internet broadcasters are constantly faced with this dark cloud looming overhead!

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