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Can An AM Station Work With A Younger Audience?

You're probably saying ? "How can an AM station work with any age group anymore?" Yesterday I read about an AM station in the New Haven, Connecticut WQUN am 1220 going dark. The station is owned by Quinnipiac College but is run by professionals as well as students. The article mentions that the students have really no interest in radio anymore.

This sparked a dialog on the New York Radio Sound Board. I did mention that it is really ashamed but the youth of today have too many music alternatives to turn to and really don't listen to radio as much. Also the visual seems to be more important today than the music itself.

Someone responded that if the station switched to an alternative format maybe that would attract a younger audience and maybe some of the students would gain enthusiasm. I would recommend anything to save this precious medium but to tell you the truth, I really don't know. It seems that the most AM stations survive by programming a good news format like 1010 WINS in New York and KYW in Philly or conservative/hate talk formats or religion.

I would love to see the AM band reinvented and make a revival. I would also love to see the band used for small local broadcasters who don't have to jump through hoops and "dance around the FCC" to get a license! Who knows, maybe we should keep dreaming.

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