What Radio Station Did You Listen To As A Kid?

Radio was a big part of my life while growing up. We lived in the New York area at the time (North Jersey) My mom would have a radio sitting on top of the refrigerator. I could remember waking up to the voice of Herb Oscar Anderson on WABC. I became fascinated with his voice and the music. She would also sometimes switch to WMCA, another top 40 station in the sixties. I would hear Joe O'Brien with the character "Bennie" which also would raise my curiosity in this wonderful medium.

I became obsessed with radio stations. I always owned a transistor and took it with me where ever I went. I loved the music but also was fascinated with the air personalities, jingles and other radio elements.

My aunt loved pop standards like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Dean Martin so she listened to WNEW 1130 am, the pop standards station in New York. She also would occasionally listen to WHN which also played the standards. I would also enjoy turning these stations on from time to time. I would compare formats all the time.

As I got a bit older, while driving with my friends I would always listen in the car but not to the local stations, I would always try to pull in distant stations. My friends would always say, "when you're riding with Jimmy, you will always hear static on the radio!" Crazy? yes. I would love pulling in stations from distant places to compare them to our local stations in the New York area.

You may say I'm a radio geek. I became so interested in this industry that I had to get into it..and I did and I'm still in it running my internet station Edgewater Gold Radio. It's an oldies format but it does combine almost all of the formats on all of the stations that I grew up with!