Music Paints A Picture Of Your Life

Being in radio for about 30 plus years, I've worked on many stations, with many great people and Program Directors. Each station was profit driven of course so I had to conform to some strict programming rules. I was lucky enough to play the music that I love. Oldies, Soft Rock, Country, Adult Contemporary (Not the AC of today but of the 70s and 80s) and Popular Standards.

All of this music takes me back to special times in my life and triggers great memories of family and friends, places I've been and things I've experienced.

I frequently get into debates about the music of the 60s 70s and 80s versus the music of today. Quite frankly,today's music does nothing for me because I don't listen to most of it. If I don't listen to it, there are no memories, no experiences, so therefore irrelevant.

As we get older, we frequently travel back in our minds to good experiences in our lives and those experiences are always accompanied by the music of the time and the songs we loved.

So as I program my Internet radio station, Edgewater Gold Radio, I keep in mind the great times and memories of my life and try to preserve the great music that I grew up with. So I've combined genres, with decades of great songs into an oldies station that doesn't focus on just one period of time but gathers the songs from various genres and years going back to the fifties.

I can do this because I do it for the passion not the profit! I want my listeners to feel the same joy and remember the great times as I do as they travel through time with this great music!