The Oldies Keep Flowing


f you're listening to music, there's nothing more annoying by having your music interrupted by a talk show or commercials. Edgewater Gold Radio is a music intensive internet station. This means that music is the main feature. However, many other elements make up the radio station. We are a local internet station in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, therefore we feature local events and weather at the beaches. We do it in a way that causes minimal disruption in the music flow. We also include features like music news, ferry schedules, trivia etc. I've crafted these segments into the music programming so that the music will not stop for very long.

Stops sets can't be helped because we have to air National commercials but we're not stopping for nine or ten minutes to air commercials like terrestrial stations do. Our stopsets are about two minutes and we only air two stop sets per hour.

It's a delicate balance but music flows all the time because that's what our audience expects!