One Of My Greatest Radio Influences

Everyone has a person or persons that have a great influence on their future careers. Sometimes it's a newscaster, actor, parent, or expert from any field. For me there were several people in the radio industry that were my biggest influences. Today I will talk about the first individual who played a strong role in sparking my interest in radio.

Herb Oscar Anderson's voice woke me up every morning during the sixties. He had a unique style and was the original New York Radio "morning Mayor." Herb had a smooth very professional radio voice that was always positive and encouraging. It was a unique situation on pop oriented WABC in New York. Herb Oscar Anderson, appealed to an older audience though WABC was more of a youth oriented station. Here's why. He appealed more to the parents because of his style and presentation. The other DJ's on WABC appealed more to WABC's younger audience. This worked and help boost WABC to the top ot the ratings.

Herb was more of a fan of big band music and standards more than he was of the pop music of the sixties. He wrote and recorded his signature theme song "Hello Again" which he sang every morning on his show.

On days that I wasn't thrilled about going to school, hearing Herb and his signature song "Hello Again" somehow lifted my spirits and helped me start my trec to school. I loved hearing Herb's voice along with my favorite songs. I began to take an active interest in radio and decided that I would like to enter this profession one day.

I had the pleasure of communicating with Herb during his later years through Facebook and texts. He hosted a weekly show on WOSN FM in Vero Beach, Florida. For several years I aired his weekly show on my pop standards station, "Starlite 365."

Unfortunately, Herb left us at the age of 88 in 2017 but his legacy lives on. He was always a gentlemen and added so much class to the industry. I'll always say, "they just don't make them like this anymore.

Thanks Herb for the great memories and tremendous influence you had over me during my very early years!