Imaging Adds Life To A Station

While listening to the radio growing up, it wasn't just the music that would spark my interests. It was the DJ's, jingles and station imaging. Imaging makes a radio station "come alive." Imaging not only identifies the station but creates a type of energy that causes the audience to listen longer.

Many people prefer services like Pandora where selected music plays continually but to me, this is not real radio. There's no excitement!

Lots of radio station will play upbeat music but with very little imaging. I find this very boring. If I'm listening to the radio, I need to feel the stations energy. Imaging, jingles and personalities, bring out the station's energy. These elements are the core of how the station is perceived by their audience.

Another pet peeve of mine is when a station comes out of news or a spot break with just music! The music seems to come out of no where. A jingle or imaging liner leads the audience back into the music and in my opinion is necessary to make the transition.

This structure was taught to me early on by a brilliant programmer many years ago. It's so simple, so why not do it?