Internet Radio Keeps Owners and Operators on Their Toes!

If you own and operate an internet radio station and are broadcasting live, do not expect complacency. You are probably running to whole operation yourself but hopefully have some "go to" people if certain issues come up! There is sooooo much to pay attention to. One thing that running an internet station does is keep your brain in tune. Programming isn't the only thing that you have to be concerned with. Technical issues ALWAYS come up and they are one of the toughest tasks in discovering the source of the problem.

For instance, I use three computers to run Edgewater Gold Radio. One for production, one for advertising and news and the other for on air use only.

I voice track each day on the prior evening. I use a program called Mega Sync to sync the programming from the production computer to the main on air computer. All voice tracks are done on the production computer.

Yesterday, I woke up and checked that all systems were working fine. They weren't. The automation seemed to be working but none of the voice tracks made it over to the main computer. I scratched my head, said a few choice words and began to try to figure out why.I didn't know if it was the production computer, main computer, Nextkast, the actual radio automation system, or the not always reliable Comcast Cable system. This set my head spinning. I did everything I could to troubleshoot the problem including shutting down the production computer and doing a reboot. I noticed that the megasync program would not sign on. So now I thought that this is either a Mega Sync problem or an internet problem. The radio station was still broadcasting and I was able to access the internet so that left Mega Sync. I later noticed some of the previous days playlists were finally were making their way over to the main computer.

Megasync owners are in New Zealand so the time factor came into play here. I then contacted a fellow internet radio colleague in Seattle, Washington who uses and recommended Mega Sync to me. We discovered that were were too many junk files building up on the mega sync cloud slowing down the system and he advised me not to delete the previous days files because this could mess up an confuse Mega Sync. Joe, who runs 95 Puregold Oldies, helped me get to these files and remove them and change the days when mega sync dumps the garbage file from 30 days to 15 days. Thanks to Joe, everything is now working fine.

When running internet radio, expect anything to happen at anytime and make sure you keep an extra bottle of aspirins handy, you'll need them!