Internet Radio - Being Local and International at the Same Time

Internet radio is heard in most places in the world and keeping it local can be tricky. First of all you have to set the priority at the beginning in order to gain a loyal audience. If you're a music station, keep the music flowing and consistent. Edgewater Gold Radio is local to the Delaware Beaches. What can do we do to stay local? We continually provide local information about events and news items to our listeners. We also provide local weather, ferry sailing schedules and any traffic related problems when necessary. We also make sure that we keep the oldies flowing at all times. Information is given in short snippets between songs or into a stop set. I find that as long as you don't stop the music for a significant period, your audience will stay with you. The locals get some information pertaining to them and all others get the music that they love. In this case, oldies.

We differ from our local LPFM station here in Rehoboth Beach. They can stop the music to provide interviews and more extensive news and events pertaining to the community because that is the main reason that residents are listening. This is what they should be doing. There is no competition between our stations. People who listen to Edgewater Gold Radio are listening primarily for the music while listeners to our LPFM listen for detailed local information. We can coexist together in our community!