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A Confusing Situation

Life and technology is becoming more and more complicated. There are more and more ways to listen to online radio. You can listen directly from your computer, Amazon Echo Device and internet radio as well as on many many apps. Lots of online listening is done on our cellphones.

Bluetooth has become a large part of our lives and enables us to listen on many wireless devices. I listen on wireless headphones as well as through my car speakers via a bluetooth transmitter.

This leads me to the situation that occurred yesterday.

I monitor my station Edgewater Gold Radio as much as I can. Yesterday, I was in Starbucks having some coffee and listening to my station. Suddenly the audio dropped. It started again after a few seconds but then dropped again several minutes later. I immediately thought that something was either wrong at the Live 365 server site or at my home studio where the broadcast originates.

I left Starbucks to drive home to see where the problem originated. I turned my headphones off and turned on the bluetooth transmitter in the car. The audio was perfect, no more drops as I headed home. Then it dawned on me. Since my car was parked right outside of Starbucks, the bluetooth device was trying to also connect to the car transmitter and the audio from my headphones kept dropping out during this time. Confusing yes our smart devices can confuse us!

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