A Very Challenging Week For Edgewater Gold Radio

I have been mentioning in my blog posts during this past week about a major computer breakdown. Edgewater Gold Radio's main computer failed this week. My technical support company spent 15 hours trying to repair it but no luck! My stress level began to elevate during the day when there was no progress made.

I began to notice audio dropouts while monitoring the station. The screen would temporarily freeze pausing all programming. I activated our backup computer and this is where we are right now.

I haven't decided whether or not I will attempt to repair it but I did I decide to purchase a new PC. The reason is that my main PC had been giving be problems since the day I purchased it. When the new PC arrives, I will have to re-install all of the programs that run Edgewater Gold Radio.

Backup is extremely important. I backup all station files once a week so once the automation software is installed I will restore all of the files to the new PC.

My message to you today is always have a backup system in case of a failure and ALWAYS backup your precious radio station files!