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Paris Jackson Denies Reports of Attempted Suicide.

Here's the latest from RTI News on Michael Jackson's daughter's attempted suicide.

Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson has denied reports that she attempted suicide over the weekend.

She responded to media reports on Twitter saying, "lies lies lies omg and more lies."

The singer followed up by posting wary emoji faces on the social media.

"Paris Jackson was hospitalized Saturday after she attempted suicide -- and family sources tell us it's due in large to the fallout from 'Leaving Neverland,'" TMZ reported on Saturday.

The media outlet quoted law enforcement sources as saying police and EMS responded to Paris' home in Los Angeles at 7:30 am.

Paris was reportedly taken to a hospital after she was said to have slit her wrists.

"Paris just arrived at her LA apartment. She was wearing a jacket that said, 'Puppies And I'm Fine,'" TMZ said about Michael Jackson's only daughter.

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