Keeping Things Flowing

A few weeks ago, the computer that ran Edgewater Gold Radio experienced an unexpected fatal crash. I noticed pauses and hesitations in the programming. I checked and noticed that the automation programming was freezing and in some cases stopping altogether. I decided to start the backup PC and run the programming from there. In the meantime, I tried to diagnose the main computer. After attempting repairs, and working with a tech team, I realized that the only solution was to re-install the operating system. I decided not to do this because I was having minor problems with this computer since the time I purchased it. I wound up buying a new computer. I had to restore the EDGEWATER GOLD RADIO automation system on this computer.

I then attempted to run our synchronization program to get the two computers talking to one another and this didn't go well causing the computer now running Edgewater Gold Radio major problems. Many files were removed from the system. So I now had to switch and run Edgewater Gold Radio on the new computer. I then ran the restoration program on the backup (which is now the main computer for Edgewater Gold Radio) and switch back to this computer after the restore was completed.

Because of problems with the sync program, I've decided not to use it for now. I can still run Edgewater Gold Radio on both computers. The only difference is that when I switch, a different song will start which really isn't a big deal.

The most amazing thing is that throughout this whole nightmare, Edgewater Gold Radio did not go off the air once! It was tricky but I was able to keep the station running the whole time!

At this point, most files have been restored and things are running smoothly and the system seems stable.