George Harrison's Angry Telegram to Nixon Uncovered

Here's the latest from RTT news on the unearthing to George Harrison's angry telegram to Richard Nixon in the 1970s. Read all the details here!

Author and Beatles researcher Chip Madinger has unearthed an angry telegram that George Harrison sent to U.S President Richard Nixon in the seventies.

Madinger discovered that letter while researching his 2015 book, Lennology: Strange Days Indeed.

The lead guitarist of the Beatles wrote the letter to Nixon as he was denied an extension to stay in the United States after he came to the country in March 1973 for the Apple meetings and to work on a Ringo Starr album, Madinger told Billboard.

The telegram, addressed to "President Richard Nixon, White House DC," reads, "Sir, how can you bomb Cambonian citizens and worry about kicking me out of the country for smoking marijuana at the time. Your repressive emperor war monger ways stop before too piece luv. We will run the world Harry Krisher, Hare Hara Krishne Hare Hara Hare Hara Krishner. George Harrison."

According to Madinger, the letter might have been dictated by Harrison because it contains misspellings.