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Edgewater Gold Radio will Offer Underwriting Hours

Advertising on Internet only radio could be kind of tricky. Audiences are world wide. It's difficult to get local business to sponsor a station goes covers the world even if it broadcast local event information.. Another issue is determining whether or not the agreement with your service provider allows any kind of advertising. My service provider is Live 365. My agreement covers Royalty payments but there are some restrictions. I cannot run full blown commercials. I run scheduled network commercials which is part of my agreement. I can offer underwriting.

Businesses will pay a fee and sponsor an hour of programming. My plan is to target DOT COM companies or any business that offers online services or purchases.

At this point I'm planning an appropriate rate card. Internet radio could be a great way to get the word out for online businesses. Edgewater Gold Radio will offer hour underwriting and a combination of website advertising and on air underwriting. More to come on this!

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