James Taylor Has a Las Vegas Residency

James Taylor is still around and doing great. He'll be doing a Las Vegas residency beginning today! Read the full story from RTT NEWS.

Earlier this month, folk-rock icon James Taylor announced his first-ever Las Vegas residency, slated to kick off at The Colosseum at Caesar's Palace on Wednesday, April 17.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the singer revealed that it was Garth Brooks who recommended the idea to him, saying, "He thought I'd love it and he had been really surprised by it [during his residency]."

The 12-date residency, scheduled to run through April and May, will witness the return of the singer's infamous One Man Band drum machine on a custom-built stage.

"This particular staging that we're going to present is something we've essentially been perfecting over the past couple of years," said Taylor.

He added, "Basically, we've worked up a set that's a retrospective. There's always an element of that to all of my shows anyway - that just acknowledges that people want to hear the hits,"

Tickets for the shows are available for purchase now.