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Join Us For The Music of The 60s and 70s Plus Classic Disco

We've been playing only 60s and 70s music on weekends for quite some time now and are thrilled with the response. Our weekend audience has increased significantly. These decades were "key" for baby boomers.

I just discovered pop music in the early 60s. I remember going to the beach, out with my friends, to school on family outings with this great music as a backdrop.

In the seventies, I recall great times with college friends and also discovered disco and how much I enjoyed going to the clubs and listening to that pulsating beat.

Edgewater Gold Radio has added classic disco to our weekend lineup. Starting at 7pm every Saturday night it's pure disco until midnight! Lots of fun and memories every weekend.

We are committed to providing you the greatest memories of your life and to preserving all of this great music! Have a great weekend!

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