Saved By The Cloud

Radio stations always faced the dreaded possibility of going off the air. During my radio career, this happened many times, due to weather conditions as well as equipment failure.

A few days ago, there was a power failure in my home, due to a faulty breaker on the box outside. I was sitting outside on my deck talking to a friend and listening to my station Edgewater Gold Radio. My partner came outside and told me that the power was out. The first thing I said was "the radio station is still playing." Then I realized, that as soon as the power went out, Edgewater Gold Radio automatically began broadcasting from the cloud.

As part of my backup systems, I've uploaded music, rotations and other elements to the cloud so as soon as our live broadcast cuts out, the system continues broadcasting from the cloud. Now listeners will hear a quick song switch and the broadcast will no longer be live but the main thing is that our listeners aren't dropped and our broadcast continues. So it's great to have the cloud as part of our backup system! As soon as the power returned, our live broadcast automatically kicked in.