Radio Automation Can Be Boring

Internet radio offers thousands of different kinds of stations and music formats. Have you ever listened to an internet radio and asked yourself "What am I listen to and why am I listening to this?" Many stations will program music that makes no sense. There is no or very little imaging and it seems that one minute you're listening to country and the next minute you're hearing hard rock. You attempt to change the station but there is such a huge selection, you can't decide what to change to!

Unfortunately almost all internet stations are automated and can be programmed fairly easily using a computer and automation software. The problem is many people that are programming these stations don't have radio knowledge or only care about streaming the music from their own library.

This being the case, when you find a station that you do like, save it immediately to your favorites. If you don't it's probably gone forever. There are so great stations out there but because of so much content, they can be a bit of a challenge to find.