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Adapting to a New Way to Listen to Music

Remember the days of the transistor radio, the boom box, the multi-component stereo systems in our homes? These times are all but gone. We can ask a mobile device like an Amazon Echo to play any of thousands of stations or any genre of music. We can download an app to our phones or mobile device that contains thousands and thousands of radio stations. We have services like Pandora or Spotify where we can program our own music.

So where does that leave traditional FM radio? AM/FM radio is still available in most cars. Local stations are having a difficult time getting that local audience since there is so much to choose from online stations and music. This challenge will be even greater in the future.

Some countries are even shutting off traditional FM stations and are broadcasting exclusively online. Aggressive promoting both online and offline is critical for the success of terrestrial FM radio station. They should be using every avenue possible to get the word out and get involved in their local communities.

It will be interesting to see how this all pans out in the future. Will terrestrial radio go away? Turn the clocks ahead about 20 years and don't be surprised if you see the current radio dial disappear and traditional radio's only seen in museums or in antique stores. It really isn't too far fetched!

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