Bland, Boring, Non Creative Traditional Radio

While working at traditional FM radio stations, I had little to no choice of what to play. There are a few reasons why terrestrial radio seems so boring, The same songs all the time,why? Two main reasons, consultants and advertisers.

In my experience, when you hear that a station hired a consultant, you could rest assure that their playlist will be chopped to bits. I used to ask some of my Program Directors why certain songs which charted well in their day could not be played and they would respond "well, they didn't test well." This means that the song was played for a sample audience (15 -20 people) and received a low rating. Therefore, the song wasn't considered for airplay. I could never understand or accept the scenario.

Thousands of great songs were not played because 15 -20 people decided they didn't like it!! Awful!!

Another reason is Advertisers. Most advertisers cater to youth and youth only. So many great songs from a certain era wouldn't be considered for airplay because they don't appeal to the youth. Radio stations would have difficulty getting advertising just for playing a particular kind of music! All this seems unfair and it really is. It makes traditional radio so bland and boring.

One last reason is that most tradition AM/FM stations are owned by corporations who really have no interest in the nuts and bolts of the business. They are only in it for the money. They hire consultants, and create boring cookie cutter playlists with no variety or creativity. Most of these stations have no local purpose or appeal. Money money money, that's what it's all about!