Keep Your Music Data Base Consistent

Radio automation can be a wonderful tool that makes our lives so much easier but don't get too complacent. Programming our stations takes a lot of work. I voice track about eight hours per day, generate playlists, gather and write public service events in our area and the list goes on. One thing that seems to always get pushed aside is updating and making corrections to the music data base. Sometimes we find that there are misspellings, incorrect data listed even the artist and song title reversed.

Yesterday I decided to continue updating my data base and you won't believe how much data that I corrected. It does take time but it's worth it. So you may ask, what's the difference if the song information is incorrect, the song still plays and displays the correct title and artist? True in some cases but your meta data may not get over correctly plus remember that your automation system picks music by the way you have it listed in the data base. For example, if you separate artists by a couple of hours and have a Beatles song coded "The Beatles" for one song and "Beatles" for another song, the system won't recognize the artist is supposed to be "Beatles" and play two Beatles songs very close together. This happens on Edgewater Gold Radio sometimes.

Take the time and maintain your data base, you'll be happy with the results.