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Small Station? Choose a Unique Format

This is my opinion on formats for small, local stations. There is a small, local FM low power station in my area. They've been on the air for almost two years and they've added some good, unique local programming featuring various kinds of music and talk. I will tune in for a particular show because I'm looking for something different or something very local.

However, these local shows, do not dominate the programming time. Most of the time, there is 80's based pop music playing. Now this is where I have a problem. I could turn on lots of large FM's or Satellite radio and hear the same thing. Being in my sixties, I don't want to hear this. We live in a resort community and I believe that the management of this station thinks that by programming this music, they will attract the tourists. Well as an experienced broadcaster for 30 years, my opinion is that they won't! Tourists could care less about a small local radio station. Unless you're a radio geek like me, most will never notice that the station is even there, or care. So what should they be doing?

Again in my opinion, this station should be catering to the small, local older community and that means all the time. I'm not going to tell you what I think they should be doing during the hours that they're not airing local programming but I do think that there should be something that people like myself, a 65 year old person would want to listen to or encourage me to set a preset in my car and I'm sorry, pop 80s ain't gonna do it!

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