There are Oldies and there are Oldies

I get lots of e-mails from listeners that I enjoy reading and responding to all the time. One comment that I receive is that "I love your station, you play songs that I haven't heard in a long time!" That's what makes us unique and a little different from other oldies stations.

Programming and balance is very important. Some oldies stations look at the top five or top ten on the Billboard charts for each year and place those songs only in their library. We don't do that. We play all of the very popular oldies just like the other stations but I don't rely only on the charts. For instance Darlene Love had many songs on the charts in the 1960's including "Chapel of Love" that was made popular by the Dixie Cups. While we play the Dixie Cups version,but we also play Darlene Love's version. You hear all the regular Herman's Hermit's tunes on Edgewater Gold Radio but we also add in some songs like "Leaning on a Lamp Post" that didn't necessarily reach the top of the charts. This adds depth to our oldies format and also makes it more interesting. Pop vocals also dot the oldies landscape on Edgewater Gold Radio.

Now I know that playing 1,000 of the most popular oldies may produce higher ratings but I don't do it for that. I don't rely on advertising to survive. I play over 4,000 titles because I love the music and the era that they evolved from. I want to give my listeners a more fulfilling oldies experience and preserve those great memories.