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Cher Calling for Release of Elephant

When Cher calls, people listen. The music icon is calling for a release of an elephant from the LA Zoo. Here's the full story from RTT News.

Cher joined singer-comedian Lily Tomlin and the Voice for the Animals Foundation to call on Los Angeles Zoo authorities to release "Billy" the elephant to a wild animal sanctuary operated by the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to save the animal from pain and to give it more space.

They made a joint appeal on August 12, which marked World Elephant Day.

"He is in pain both physically and psychologically. He spends 80% of his time rocking back and forth. This behavior is called stereotypical behavior and is widely known to be a sign of distress. It is never seen in wild elephants," Cher told People magazine.

"Billy is standing on hard packed dirt in a small, sterile environment. In the wild, he would be walking hundreds of miles a day on soft earth. In the zoo, Billy can't choose what he eats at a Sanctuary he will have choices," according to the septuagenarian artist.

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